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Singer of Lunarcode / Award Winning Filmmaker / Creative Designer

Illuminated Rock

Born on the East Coast in New Jersey, Vincenzo was raised in an Italian Family where he was strongly encouraged to follow his passion. His grandfather, Vincenzo, was a tailor from Sicily, and gave his family opportunity in America. 

At 18 Vincenzo ventured to the south where he earned his degree in Film and Television with a minor in performing arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon completion he would relocate to Los Angeles, CA where he would continue his creative education at the International Dance Academy. 

Today Vincenzo thrives across the board in entertainment. He fronts the award winning rock band, Lunarcode, with his powerful vocals and expressive lyrics. He founded Skiptown Productions in January 2014. He is also the Owner of Skiptown Playhouse in East Hollywood, CA.

Starring in a growing number of independent films, he also grew his skills in writing, directing, and editing.  He works with Princ Films as an acquisitions executive and has even started his own film festival "Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival", to bring independent filmmakers of all levels of experience together.  His festival is going on it's fourth year and is currently accepting submissions on film freeway. 




"Someone asked me, if you were to give someone advice trying to make it in the industry in Los Angeles, what would you say? .. I said, you're going to get a lot of no's, be ready to create your own work, create your own Yes's." 



Vincenzo Carubia

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